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Industrial Commercial Supply is your reliable janitorial supply distributor which offers you top brand cleaning supplies at prices you can afford! From Kimberly-Clark and Heavenly Soft to Clorox, Rubbermaid, Purell and much more, you can count on receiving high quality products from ICS.

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ENZ_ALL is the perfect pre-spray to use on your toughest, greasiest, grimiest jobs. Its enzyme-rich formulation contains nearly twice the raw enzymes than any other product on the market. It removes tough protein greases, oils, and soils in just minutes!

$23.00 6lbs

PreKleen Enzyme Soil Lifter

PreKleen Enzyme Soil Lifter, Prespray, spotter and booster removes oil-based spots and stains. Excellent for use on upholstery – no scrubbing required. Boosted with Biosolv citrus additive.

$31.25 6lbs

LoCor® Dispensing Systems

LoCor® Dispensing Systems
Sleek, stylish and sophisticated, our dispensing systems blend seamlessly into modern, upscale surroundings. The high capacity system is designed to lower overall product consumption, reducing waste, lowering the number of product changeouts and cutting labor costs. Plus, most systems are available in a variety of finishes.

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Proline Curve Dispensers

The Proline Curve dispensers are for use in a variety of workplace environments. These dispensers are universal, in the case that they can be used with a number of the SCJ Professional product lines.

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